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Our Credentials

Leadership is practiced not much in words but as an attitude for actions. Similarly,

Hira Sweets, the name that has a legacy of invincible expertise of more than 100 years has been setting examples with its consistency and dedication to serve just the best. Having raised the bar of quality and taste with its state-of-the-art machinery and traditional cooking methods, Hira Sweets has successfully established its name amongst the one of the best retail F&B group and is celebrated as one of the most preferred brands by masses. And all this couldn’t have happened without the ingenious guidance of Mr. Paras Sharma. A DU graduate in B.I.T and an MBA Degree holder, his obsession towards his work and his ability to adapt to complex challenges in no time resulted in the expansion of Hira Sweets. Today, the market share and preference of Hira Sweets enjoys is due to the hard work of Mr. Paras Sharma.With over triple digits members, the team of Hira Sweets consists of very best from the field of Hospitality, Luxury Hotels and top notch F&B Brand, Handpicked by Mr. Paras, the senior management comprises of seasoned and well-read people who have a new and fresh outlook towards organization growth strategies. Not to mention, Hira Sweets is a brand to reckon with and is forming new conglomerates to further grow its reach in the market and offer more sustainable products